The concept for WorkSpace came from spending many hours with a laptop and a latte working at a small and noisy table.  It didn't take us long realize that individuals who want to work outside of their homes have few options beyond committing to a traditional office space, or suffering through the noise of a coffee shop.

An increasing number of people are working independently, whether it be for themselves or for their employers.  Given a cell phone and a laptop, people have the freedom to work from anywhere. Our objective is to create a place where people will want, and ultimately will choose, to work.

Back at the turn of the 19th century, writers in Paris used to frequent places like “Café Les Deux Magots” and other Café Litteraire.  Figures like Hemingway, Sartre, Prevert & Picasso used to meet to discuss and produce their canonic works of art.  By surrounding themselves with other like-minded individuals, they were able to raise the level of their work.  

We create a community and an atmosphere that helps people to be more creative, more effective and happier with their work.