Who we Are

Dane Brown, General Manager

Dane is a rare individual who can see small faults and devise creative solutions to common problems.  He has a phenomenal attitude not only when it comes to WorkSpace but to life in general.  If your looking to partner up with someone on a project, chances are Dane can recommend someone to you.

Jayson Minard, Owner

Jayson and Linda acquired WorkSpace in July, 2008 with a desire to strengthen the technical community in Vancouver.  He has a background in technology including working with companies such as AbeBooks (now Amazon), Borland, BEA, Endeca, Boeing, ProQuest and Zend.  He also has a hand in local startups such as TinyMassive and he runs a consulting company centered around high scalability called MindHeap Technology.

Linda Minard, Owner

Linda is our resident actress and fitness star.  She reminds us all that technology may be fun, but being in shape is even more fulfilling.  Of course she grew up in the tech industry with a handful of startups and mega companies, but she also developed an award winning board game, and has had screen time with Steven Seagal and Igor Jijikine.