Global carbon market gets interactive

Submitted by Florian Gabriel on Wed, 09/10/2008 - 11:36.

Biz Pod Interactive
was contracted by the British High Commission to film and produce a session on the global carbon market at the Globe 2008 conference in Vancouver, BC.

Experts from North America and Europe came together at the Globe 2008 to explain the implications of emissions trading in Canada and, more importantly, how companies can prepare for the inevitable pricing of carbon. This session was hosted and moderated by the British High Commission.

Our job was to turn this 90 minute event into a corporate 5 minute video message that was easy to understand and would convey the important messages of this session.

We are very happy to provide our services for the British High Commission. Not only do we want to engage in affordable video production but also we are also very passionate about projects that align with our corporate values.

Hopefully this video message will help business leaders understand the global impact, reality and opportunity of carbon trading. We are certain that greenhouse gas emission trading is one form that will help fight the urgent matter of climate change.