Time to Get Personal

Submitted by Florian Gabriel on Tue, 06/24/2008 - 14:48.

Over the last few months I have read some pretty amazing articles, stats and heard stories from friends and family that really confirm my belief that we are on to something here at Biz Pod Interactive.

The adoption rate of corporate video podcasts are taking off. A friend of mine works at a clothing store and every 2 weeks she gets a video message from the CEO of the company which shows her the new merchandise and tells her about new company initiatives and promotions. Another friend works for the BC Forest Ministry and his son for the Alberta Ministry of Transportation and they too receive video messages from their superiors regarding the latest information about their organizations.

On the cover of WIRED magazine in March was the featured article by Clive Thompson entitled “The See-Through CEO”. It’s about how more and more CEOs are becoming more personal and honest with their staff and customers and how they’re using new communication tools to connect. Here is an excerpt…Radical forms of transparency are now the norm at startups - and even some Fortune 500 companies. It is a strange and abrupt reversal of corporate values. Not long ago, the only public statements a company ever made were professionally written press releases and the rare, stage-managed speech by the CEO. Now firms spill information in torrents, posting internal memos and strategy goals, letting everyone from the top dog to shop-floor workers blog publicly about what their firm is doing right - and wrong.

Whether new media communication (including online video messages) is for internal communications or for a way to inform customers, more and more businesses are using this new method with great success.