WorkSpace Wireless Network Revamp

Submitted by Jayson Minard on Wed, 08/06/2008 - 15:56.

Today we revamped part of the wireless network in WorkSpace to stabilize the wireless network.  We introduced two main wireless access points that are part of the overall main network that also includes any hard-wired plugs.  These new access points are:

"workspace-front" which is positioned near the coffee bar while "workspace-back" is near the back open area of WorkSpace.  Both are on the same network and both can access the printer.  

If you notice any other new wireless networks besides those mentioned above, they are for testing and a notification will go out when they are in place along with a description.  Use at your own risk as they may come and go, or be renamed at any time.

If you currently use the "workspace" or "workspace2" wireless network, please move to one of these new access points using the same wireless password as before.  The old network will be deactivated in the next few days.  Using it in the meantime may generate errors as its IP address space is very limited.  So please move soon to the access point nearest you!

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Submitted by Jayson Minard on Thu, 08/07/2008 - 23:40.

The old wireless access points are now completely gone as the transition is complete.  DNS servers were also changed to a more reliable and responsive set of servers.  Other network changes are still forthcoming...

  • Jayson Minard (MindHeap / WorkSpace)

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