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Submitted by Kristin Evans on Sat, 03/24/2007 - 14:00.

Just in case you're curious about the tunes we play on the iMac at the front counter... you can check out our playlists, favourite artists and much more on WorkSpace's page.
(Recommendations are always welcome.)

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The Police. Vancouver.

Submitted by Kristin Evans on Mon, 02/12/2007 - 22:47.

The Police.

World tour.

First stop?

GM Place, friends.

May 28th. (It's a Monday.)

Too excited to wait and post ticket details...

(I first read the good news here)

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Submitted by Kristin Evans on Wed, 01/17/2007 - 10:58.

Ward Bingham, WorkSpace member and founder of mondonation, has just posted this youtube video which features some familiar faces.
Take a look, post a comment, give it a rating, send it around!
How about this: I challenge WorkSpace members and their various connections to try and make this video #1 on youtube. Don't make me double dog dare you.  :)

Proverbs Round the World!

Submitted by Kristin Evans on Mon, 12/18/2006 - 13:05.

I took a detour from my usual daily perusing of Wikipedia this afternoon to its less uniform cousin, Wikiquote. I found the Proverbs section provided some fascinating insight into various cultural attitudes toward life and experience... so I thought I'd share!

For example, this nugget from Norwegian culture:
"Gode ord skal du hogge i berg, de dårligere i snø."
(Carve your good/kind words in mountains, the bad in snow.)
It speaks to the general ethos of cultural life, as well as to their collective history, surrounded by mountains and snow. I dig it.

Another common Norwegian proverb is "Brent barn skyr ilden", meaning "Burnt children avoid the fire"... which has spawned the less profound "Brent barn lukter vondt", meaning "Burnt children smell awful".

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Oak Bay Softrends Party

Submitted by Kristin Evans on Tue, 12/05/2006 - 14:27.

What: Oak Bay Softrends 20th Anniversary Party!

Where: WorkSpace

When: TONIGHT! 7pm-9pm

What's Oak Bay Softrends?: Oak Bay is the company that built our POS software, and were among the original WorkSpace members.

Who's invited: All members are welcome to come join in the festivities.

* We'll be at the Oak Bay party tonight in place of the Six Acres beer meetup. Come on down!

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Friday. Lunch. Six Acres.

Submitted by Kristin Evans on Thu, 11/30/2006 - 14:06.

Tomorrow's Friday. And the first day of December - meaning the official end of Movember. We might even see some sun tomorrow.

Use whichever excuse you'd like - we'll be going for lunch at Six Acres around 12:30 tomorrow to celebrate any and all of these occasions. Everyone's invited!

Fresh Baked Goods @ WorkSpace

Submitted by Kristin Evans on Tue, 11/28/2006 - 15:35.

We couldn't help notice that breakfast has become quite a hot topic here in the WorkSpace Community. A few people have also mentioned that a fresh, buttery croissant or a muffin would nicely complement their delicious lattes.

Good news: starting tomorrow morning, we will be bringing in an assortment of baked goodies from Brioche Urban Baking.

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Six Acres tonight!

Submitted by Kristin Evans on Tue, 11/28/2006 - 14:06.

We'll be resuming the Tuesday night beer tradition tonight at 8pm, at our favourite neighborhood watering hole, Six Acres.

We realize this cold snap and the resultant icy roads may prohibit some of us from making it this time. But for future reference, are there other days of the week that may work better for you than Tuesdays? Would an earlier meeting time make it easier for you to join us? Any suggestions or comments you have would be awesome, as we'd like to make the mixing, mingling and all-around good times as accessible to as many of you as possible.

We're also thinking about continuing with last Friday's impromptu "let's go for lunch" idea. That worked out fantastically (from what everyone told me...), and it would be great to have another weekly opportunity to meet up with fellow WorkSpacers. Thoughts?

Beers & taxes

Submitted by Kristin Evans on Tue, 11/21/2006 - 11:06.

Dane, Bill and I won't be making it to Six Acres tonight for the weekly Tuesday beers... but that doesn't mean you can't carry on the tradition without us! Next Tuesday, the 28th, will be (beer) business as usual.

Tomorrow (Wednesday), Nancy Charland will be presenting her free Lunch & Learn tax planning seminar in the Conference room at noon. There is room for 4 more people to attend, so if you've been thinking about coming, jump on it! Please either send us an email at [email protected], or call us at 604.637.2252, to let us know that you'll be coming. (I need to know how many sandwiches to order for us!)

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First WorkSpace Blog Post

Submitted by Kristin Evans on Thu, 09/07/2006 - 15:26.

Hi everyone! Allow me to introduce myself... I'm Kristin, the rookie player of the WorkSpace team. (Today's only my second day here.) My enthusiasm for this place just keeps on growing with every person I meet and every idea that gets tossed around. Plus, this Photo Booth deal is pretty funny... here I am watching Eric make an americano (the skeptical look is unintended - he's fully competent!)

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