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Why am I here, not there, for a bit

Submitted by Pat Keenan on Wed, 09/03/2008 - 11:34.

I decided to go to Vancouver. Since I knew I would not be able to part from work, due to both external and internal pressures, I decided on a workation. How long this goes on depends on how well it works out. I'll try to explain the potential benefit of nomadic work.

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Working from a new place

Some people find meaning in religion, others in children, I tend to find meaning in meeting people. I find it so wonderful to, even for just a couple hours, talk to a new person and see how similar our concerns and passions are. I feel in this instance that I am not so alone, possibly not so much myself either. Better than just meeting is working. Working with new people is probably the most meaningful thing I could do. To build a working relationship and have a tangible outcome is a thrill. Working cuts small talk to the cracks of conversation and focuses my mind, and other people on a shared concern or task.

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