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The wireless

Submitted by Peter Cross on Thu, 10/05/2006 - 12:14.

I just finished downloading a file at nearly 500k a second!
I am now officially stoked at the internet performance :D.

Bonjour, Lovely Printer

Submitted by Peter Cross on Thu, 10/05/2006 - 12:10.

Here is a nice feature that I discovered the other day while working at the space.
If you need to print something at Workspace.  If you click on the printer name dropdown at the top of the printer dialog, about half way down the list there is a feature in Tiger where you can connect to a Bonjour printer.  
If you select this menu. You can see the HP printer at the fron desk.  Select it and print.  It is that simple.  Thanks to the Workspace gang for installing good technology.

Macintosh Tip

Submitted by Peter Cross on Mon, 08/28/2006 - 15:54.

Here is a cool tip for making your Mac go to sleep faster. 

I love shortcut keys, this one did not seem like a big deal until I tried it and noticed how much more convenient it is to use.

To make your powerbook go to sleep without any fuss, just hold down the Command and Option keys and then press and hold the eject button and the mac will go to sleep right away.



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Day Two

Submitted by Peter Cross on Fri, 08/25/2006 - 00:10.

Today was my second day working in 'the space',  I found it more vibrant today as more people were around.

Later I took a break and explored some of the areas of Gastown that I have only driven past. With camera in hand, I checked out the buildings and quirks of our fair city. 

Upon my return I found the added bonus of the view. I can track the seabus without looking at a clock, making for a handy escape home at the end of the day.  Whatever time that was.

Thanks to Bill for the caffeine that powered me through a fairly productive day ;).

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