Glowing From Glow - The Vancouver Acupuncture and Wellness Centre That Is Finally Curing Me

Submitted by Megan Cole on Thu, 07/12/2007 - 16:21.

Glow Wellness Centre In Vancouver Is The Answer To Holistic Healing

I have finally found an acupuncture and wellness centre in Vancouver to heal me! I have had many body ailments and injuries over the past 20 years, mostly rips, tears and fractures from playing all kinds of sports, landing a few snowboarding concussions, but also from being quite accident prone in general - who else tears out their entire shoulder from slipping and tumbling down a snowy, wet escalator in the Montreal Metro?

I have visited somewhere between 5 and 10 different physiotherapists in 4 cities across Canada over the last decade, all of them have helped me tremendously, and all have lent a hand in fixing whatever needed fixing. But I am not quite 100% on most injuries. The trick (for me) with physical injuries to the body: consistency and diligence - you'd think it'd be easy to do those stretches and exercises twice a day to improve your strength. It's not. If things are mostly working, I think I am good to go. How stubborn.

But I have found a place and a practitioner that has given me the knowledge, motivation and positive mental boost to be diligent. I am receiving treatment for a pretty minor injury at the moment, but it is one that has inhibited me to do very much of anything on my feet for the past 3 months, essentially stopping me from most things I like, running being number one on the list. Arg.

Glow Acupuncture and Wellness Centre
is a lovely space to spend some time. Located in downtown Vancouver, in the heart of Yaletown, this peaceful, airy, 4th floor centre is a treat. The floors are covered in beautiful, old hardwood, the windows are large with Vancouver city views, allowing for plenty of light, each treatment room makes you want to run home and redecorate your own bedroom to be just as calming and fresh as these rooms, and the walls are dotted with simplistic, wonderful original artwork and photography that leaves you feeling inspired. Of course there are the token rock and waterfall sculptures for a little added serenity.

And you're always greeted with a lovely, pleasant, smiling face! My acupuncturist, one of the founders and owners of the Glow is excellent: thorough, professional, highly trained, extremely knowledgeable, helpful, sincere, and most of all, compassionate about my pain and passionate about bringing me back to 100%. Glow offers a wide array of services, from deep tissue massage, to acupuncture, yoga, detoxification, even helping you to quit smoking if need be! I would recommend this wellness centre to anyone in a heartbeat, for anything at all where your body and mind is concerned.

One of my best friends just had a healthy baby girl a few weeks ago, her first child. Getting pregnant was one challenge, but having a healthy, uneventful pregnancy, in labour for a quick 6 hours, and 7 fast minutes of actual pushing, WITH, I may add, a baby that SLEEPS ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT, she is truly blessed and attributes all of this good fortune to consistent acupuncture throughout.

Glow is the place to seek out for caring for yourself and your body. Get in touch with them here. Or if you would like to ask me more questions about my experience, comment here or contact me.

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