Top 5 Reasons Why Past CNMA Finalists Say “Submit A Nomination!”

Submitted by Megan Cole on Tue, 02/20/2007 - 02:52.

I just started blogging for the Canadian New Media Awards - trying to give more of a web presence to the show and spreading the CNMA love across the country - check out the blog here. This is the most recent post and reasons why you should submit your company and your work:

ONLY 2 WEEKS LEFT!! Submit a nomination for the Canadian New Media Awards 2007 by clicking here. Check out what past finalists have said about being included in and recognized by the CNMA's:
  1. "Not only did the awards raise my company's profile on the national New Media front, but they also legitimized years of independent production and non-profit creative passion!" Brooke Burgess | Executive Producer | Budget Monks Productions Inc.
  2. "Winning a CNMA is one more thing that gives a client confidence in me.

BlogSpace @ WorkSpace

Submitted by Megan Cole on Thu, 05/25/2006 - 20:17.

YES! Yet another outlet, yet another blog for this fresh, new blogger/vlogger gal soon-to-be-junkie.
On Raincity's The Standard, I naturally have to keep my writing somewhat clean and always hold a professional opinion from the studio's perspective.
China Access 2008 is another professionally-kept blog concerning the events and efforts surrounding business and the Olympics in China.
My personal blog is not even a year old, and was originally built for my family and close friends to track my life journeys. Seeing as my life has slowly become more and more public to the www, something I am coming around to with reluctant ease, I am trying to make it less directed towards the immediate family, and lean more towards, uhm, the world family? (Oh, I need to blog about that.)  megsjargon is the one in DESPERATE need of some lovin', as it is always the one that gets the least amount of attention... alas, at long last: A BlogSpace at WorkSpace to spew it all if I so choose. hell yeah. Merci Bill!

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