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New look for affordable online video productions in Vancouver

Submitted by Florian Gabriel on Wed, 10/01/2008 - 13:17.

Biz Pod Interactive appears with a new look on the web and integrates its look and feel with the recently produced print brochure. The revisited website is easy to navigate and features an interesting showcase, showing three different forms of how to incorporate online videos within your organization.

Your chances to grab your customers, investors or staffs attention with a short online movie clip is much higher than other traditional forms of communicating.

I believe that watching online short videos on a computer is only the start. The trend to receive and watch short video clips on your iphone, blackberry or G1 will continue and grow rapidly. Higher bandwidths, better displays and fixed download amounts included in your subscription from you mobile provider will help this development.

With more and more people using smart phones and other portable video playing devices these videos are a very efficient way to reach your audience anytime and any where.

"The trend will continue", said one of the key decision makers from the biggest mobile provider in Switzerland, that I talked to while being here. "To carry the iphone", he said, "is a must have, something that our customer want and we just have to offer!"

And yes! I witnessed this with my own eyes in Switzerland: The usually very calm Swiss people lining up in front of the stores, trying to get one of these fancy devices and going nuts playing with their new toy.

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