Am I Crazy: Chronicles of an Entrepreneur Part 6

Submitted by Kevin Royes on Mon, 06/25/2007 - 14:30.

Am I Crazy: Chronicles of an Entrepreneur Part 6

YEEHAW…..I have a licensing deal with an established Chinese factory that pays an impressive 20% royalty, but first let me step back. I started this blog a few months ago with the question: Am I crazy? It was one of those days when I was questioning what the hell I was up to. I had been working on this new tool concept for 11 months which was to weave itself into a brand new category of hand tools and spawn a whole new industry (think Leatherman)…with my company riding the wave all the way to the top.

Yes, I had grand (attainable) aspirations, yet on that particular day I was over-run with the fact that people I wanted to work with weren’t returning my calls, My factory was getting increasingly difficult to communicate with. My working prototype was months behind schedule. I was running out of money.

Quest for a choco chalet

Submitted by Florian Gabriel on Fri, 04/20/2007 - 13:08.


“Man is only happy as he finds a work worth doing, and does it well” 

(E. M. Root

but why is it then that I am wrestling with a chocolate bar!

I love this chocolate. The Swiss Choco Chalet calls itself home of the best Swiss Chocolate and is probably right IN DOING SO. After all, isn't Switzerland the land of chocolate, honey, and cows that wear cow- bells bigger than their heads?  Swiss Choco Chalet  chocolate are /IS ONE of the finest chocolate products you CAN find in Switzerland. And I am the LUCKY ONE WHO GETS TO figure out how TO BRING IT TO Vancouver, Canada, sell it and have people INDULGE IN THIS  Swiss Chocolate experience. But wait a second!  Doesn’t that already exist? I see Swiss Chocolate wherever I look and among  them I find Belgium, Dutch, British and even American Chocolate.

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