fundfindr wants you (well if you're an entrepreneur, service provider, web developer or webmaster anyways....)

Submitted by Fundfindr on Fri, 03/07/2008 - 13:27.

Hi, We're new regulars at Workspace - you'll see us on Tuesdays & Thursdays meeting and shooting vid! 

Our pitch: 
1) We need a web developer and a webmaster fluent with Web. 2.0!  If this is you, ping [email protected]
2) We video and publish free "pitch" pages on our website (launching in Beta later this month).  We also cover events and produce features and interviews on our media site,

So, why should I care?  Well, we're taping at Workspace most weeks so why not get a free pitch page including video to promote your venture, service or idea!  You can embed the vid on your website, youtube it, put it on your facebook page etc. and we'll help connect you to your needs:  capital, talent, collaboration or services.  

Facebook App Are You Normal? Day One: 52% Normal

Submitted by Megan Cole on Thu, 10/04/2007 - 10:17.

Ok all you weirdos and freaks out there on Facebook - get out there and take the Are You Normal? survey so I can at least seem a *tad* more normal! Please? Here's a cool Facebook Application, just launched today, released to the masses, that you should most certainly add and play with. I'll tell you why you should:

  • It's good, clean fun that's entertaining and all about connecting with those people online you love (and love to poke fun at) the most: your close friends and family.
I've had a really great last several weeks. I've been working with the Kinzin team here in Vancouver to help market and promote this application, and you know what? It's an easy thing to talk positively about because of what is at the heart of this App: a company that truly believes in working towards finding positive ways for families to connect online. This application is a quirky and whacky way of doing just that.


Submitted by Kristin Evans on Wed, 01/17/2007 - 10:58.

Ward Bingham, WorkSpace member and founder of mondonation, has just posted this youtube video which features some familiar faces.
Take a look, post a comment, give it a rating, send it around!
How about this: I challenge WorkSpace members and their various connections to try and make this video #1 on youtube. Don't make me double dog dare you.  :)

Oak Bay Softrends Party

Submitted by Kristin Evans on Tue, 12/05/2006 - 14:27.

What: Oak Bay Softrends 20th Anniversary Party!

Where: WorkSpace

When: TONIGHT! 7pm-9pm

What's Oak Bay Softrends?: Oak Bay is the company that built our POS software, and were among the original WorkSpace members.

Who's invited: All members are welcome to come join in the festivities.

* We'll be at the Oak Bay party tonight in place of the Six Acres beer meetup. Come on down!

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Friday. Lunch. Six Acres.

Submitted by Kristin Evans on Thu, 11/30/2006 - 14:06.

Tomorrow's Friday. And the first day of December - meaning the official end of Movember. We might even see some sun tomorrow.

Use whichever excuse you'd like - we'll be going for lunch at Six Acres around 12:30 tomorrow to celebrate any and all of these occasions. Everyone's invited!

Six Acres tonight!

Submitted by Kristin Evans on Tue, 11/28/2006 - 14:06.

We'll be resuming the Tuesday night beer tradition tonight at 8pm, at our favourite neighborhood watering hole, Six Acres.

We realize this cold snap and the resultant icy roads may prohibit some of us from making it this time. But for future reference, are there other days of the week that may work better for you than Tuesdays? Would an earlier meeting time make it easier for you to join us? Any suggestions or comments you have would be awesome, as we'd like to make the mixing, mingling and all-around good times as accessible to as many of you as possible.

We're also thinking about continuing with last Friday's impromptu "let's go for lunch" idea. That worked out fantastically (from what everyone told me...), and it would be great to have another weekly opportunity to meet up with fellow WorkSpacers. Thoughts?


Workspace Photos

Submitted by Kris Krug on Thu, 08/31/2006 - 13:59.

Here's my photos from Workspace on Flickr.

Here's my photos from Photobooth at Workspace on Flickr. I think we should start some sort of fun collaborative art project with these... lots of peeps have been taking them. :)

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