Facebook App Are You Normal? Day One: 52% Normal

Submitted by Megan Cole on Thu, 10/04/2007 - 10:17.

Ok all you weirdos and freaks out there on Facebook - get out there and take the Are You Normal? survey so I can at least seem a *tad* more normal! Please? Here's a cool Facebook Application, just launched today, released to the masses, that you should most certainly add and play with. I'll tell you why you should:

  • It's good, clean fun that's entertaining and all about connecting with those people online you love (and love to poke fun at) the most: your close friends and family.
I've had a really great last several weeks. I've been working with the Kinzin team here in Vancouver to help market and promote this application, and you know what? It's an easy thing to talk positively about because of what is at the heart of this App: a company that truly believes in working towards finding positive ways for families to connect online. This application is a quirky and whacky way of doing just that.

Facebook group takes on HSBC

Submitted by Nancy aka money... on Tue, 08/28/2007 - 22:30.

So apparently HSBC offered graduate students in the UK interest-free lines of credit ... then changed their policy.  Whamo - a bunch of grad students are feeling the pain.  Students + feeling ripped off + Facebook = pr nightmare for HSBC.

3600 students have joined the anti-HSBC group and it's growing by the hour. A live protest event is being organized via facebook on Sept. 8th.

If anyone hears how HSBC handles this, let me know!

The business of MySpace and Facebook

Submitted by Nancy aka money... on Tue, 08/21/2007 - 15:42.

You and I think of MySpace and Facebook as the place we keep in contact with people. But behind the scenes, make no mistake, these are business enterprises. Will Facebook put MySpace out of business? They may be catching up, but they’ve got a long ways to go.

MySpace has a unique audience of 61 million; Facebook 19.5 million. Each visitor spent nearly 3 hours on MySpace, but only barely an hour on Facebook.

Facebook: I Love It I Hate It I Love It I Hate It

Submitted by Megan Cole on Wed, 04/11/2007 - 12:37.


Just few thoughts on Facebook (yawn). If you're reading this and you do not have an account or know what this is, you're missing out on a world that is, well, unnecessary I suppose, but happening and expanding without you - how much does that matter to you? (Mom - you're exempt for not being a part of this: privacy out the window and it was originally set up for students, as the name suggests. You'd loathe it.)

I have not gone onto Facebook and actively searched for anybody, but I do accept those prompts from people whom I have met in person before and confirm him or her as a "friend" online. (Note: I have indeed rejected people that I have never met before who have tried to add me as a friend. This is not something I practice across the board in social networks, just this one.)

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