5 effective (money) habit-changing tips

Submitted by Nancy aka money... on Thu, 11/08/2007 - 19:34.

The wildly popular ZenHabits blog recently featured a Canadian professor (U. Guelph), Ian Newby-Clark an expert on habit change. Habit change re: money is what my company, Your Money by Design, is all about ... leaving us all with fatter wallets as a result, of course!
Here are his 5 tips, with my comments pertaining to money.
1. Work on 1 habit at a time. I couldn't agree more. Many clients come to see me initially in a state of high anxiety, and are determined to do it all. At once. Get rid of their debt - now! fast! Start an ambition RRSP plan - I don't want to be a bag lady, and I'm sure I don't have enough! Oh, and go on a trip to Mexico in three months too! I desperately need a break! My role is to 'hold the horses' so to speak, and help ...

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