Glowing From Glow - The Vancouver Acupuncture and Wellness Centre That Is Finally Curing Me

Submitted by Megan Cole on Thu, 07/12/2007 - 16:25.

Glow Wellness Centre In Vancouver Is The Answer To Holistic Healing

I have finally found an acupuncture and wellness centre in Vancouver to heal me! I have had many body ailments and injuries over the past 20 years, mostly rips, tears and fractures from playing all kinds of sports, landing a few snowboarding concussions, but also from being quite accident prone in general - who else tears out their entire shoulder from slipping and tumbling down a snowy, wet escalator in the Montreal Metro?

I have visited somewhere between 5 and 10 different physiotherapists in 4 cities across Canada over the last decade, all of them have helped me tremendously, and all have lent a hand in fixing whatever needed fixing. But I am not quite 100% on most injuries. The trick (for me) with physical injuries to the body: consistency and diligence - you'd think it'd be easy to do those stretches and exercises twice a day to improve your strength. It's not. If things are mostly working, I think I am good to go. How stubborn.

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