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It's so good to be back ...

Submitted by Diane Haynes on Mon, 03/05/2007 - 13:40.

Helloooooooo, WorkSpace! [sung to tune of "Hello Dolly!"] I'm back. I moved to Toronto in October of last year, and by December I'd realized that all the reasons I'd gone out there could be accomplished in business trips, without my having to live there (Doh!). The epiphany hit me while I was home for Christmas, having left all my stuff in storage in TO. So two weeks ago, I went back, house-sat for friends who'd gone on a Disney Cruise, shovelled their walk three times in six days, had some more great meetings (am I the only self-employed person who forgot I could send myself on business trips? probably ...), packed up my stuff, and came home.
Home sweet rainy home.  :)

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