8 great money habits to rock 2008

Submitted by Nancy aka money... on Wed, 01/09/2008 - 21:29.

Happy New Year! and it is indeed a new year. If you’re interested in adopting some new, do-able habits for 2008 - guaranteed to yield great results - here’s a Grab N’ Go of ideas. Take what appeals to you; leave the rest for another year.

 1. Befriend your money. Spend time with it. Get to know it. Find out what your doing with it - you’ll be surprised at the both good and less kind ways you handle your cash flow.

2. Start Saving. Now. Not when you think you can afford it. Not when your cash flow feels better. Start saving now, even if it’s $10 a paycheque. Test me on this - see if you don’t discover it IS possible. See if within 6 months you aren’t thrilled to have started. See if you don’t start to feel an inner sense of esteem that comes with having savings. Yes, you may need to dip into it from time to time. That’s OK. With time, you’ll become increasingly adept at finding alternatives to dipping into your savings.

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5 effective (money) habit-changing tips

Submitted by Nancy aka money... on Thu, 11/08/2007 - 19:34.

The wildly popular ZenHabits blog recently featured a Canadian professor (U. Guelph), Ian Newby-Clark an expert on habit change. Habit change re: money is what my company, Your Money by Design, is all about ... leaving us all with fatter wallets as a result, of course!
Here are his 5 tips, with my comments pertaining to money.
1. Work on 1 habit at a time. I couldn't agree more. Many clients come to see me initially in a state of high anxiety, and are determined to do it all. At once. Get rid of their debt - now! fast! Start an ambition RRSP plan - I don't want to be a bag lady, and I'm sure I don't have enough! Oh, and go on a trip to Mexico in three months too! I desperately need a break! My role is to 'hold the horses' so to speak, and help ...

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Dragon's Den and the Millionaire Bank Robber

Submitted by Nancy aka money... on Fri, 11/02/2007 - 08:25.

Some of you may know I tasted the fiery tongue of the dragons dragonwhen I auditioned for them last spring. It's an experience I won't soon forget! If you want a fun introduction to the world of business, money and venture capitalists, Dragons' Den on CBC is a must-view. And can you believe it? A bank robber known as the Penguin due to his waddling walk when he's robbed 20 banks in Vancouver WA (in the past 2 years) is a millionaire quite apart from his robbberies! Eccentric is one thing, but sheesh! Clearly, he could use some money coaching about his relationship with money!

What are your financial fears?

Submitted by Nancy aka money... on Mon, 10/29/2007 - 09:23.

The spooky, scary time of year approaches.
What are your financial goblins and demons?
Find out the most common fears I've encountered as a money coach.

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Procrastinating something?

Submitted by Nancy aka money... on Mon, 08/27/2007 - 14:46.

Yikes!  I'm a money coach ... and my receipt bin/filing is overflowing.  I've declared the month of august as Official Procrastination month .... and it's over, now!  If you are procrastinating something, care to join me in a Get Started On It, week?  Post your  plan!

How does your tax dollar get spent?

Submitted by Nancy aka money... on Tue, 07/03/2007 - 21:51.

It being Canada day and all, thought I'd investigate how our tax dollars, that make Canada, Canada, get spent.  Here's the breakdown:
$0.15 - interest on the debt (pays our Canada Savings Bonds interest, for example)

  • $0.53 - given to the provinces and territories and individuals to do good stuff with. We hope.
    • $0.23 - go to individual Canadians (like Old Age Security - $0.13, and Employment Insurance - $0.06, Child Tax Benefit - $0.04)
    • $0.19 - given to provinces and territories to implement federal programs like healthcare-$0.08, education & social assistance -$0.03
  • $0.11 - grants to things like the arts, farmers, aboriginal programs, bilingualism, sports
  • $0.25 - operating costs of running the federal gov’t (eg. Nat’l Defence - $0.07, RCMP - $0.03 and our favourite, the CRA itself - $0.02)
  • $0.03 - crown corporations like CBC, CMHC and Atomic Energy (huh? who knew?)
  • $0.06 - surplus, used to reduce the federal debt.
  • There you have it. Note that some of the things we love to hate, social assistance and employment insurance, were only about $0.06 cents of the dollar, whereas old age security is actually the largest single item after interest on the debt.Now we know!

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    You, Your Money, Your Partner and the Great, Big Fight

    Submitted by Nancy aka money... on Thu, 05/10/2007 - 22:40.

    You’re a debt-phobe, he’s got ten credit cards maxed out.
    You’re a saver, she’s a spender.
    You think life is to be lived, he thinks the cheap bottle of wine is just fine.

    What do you do when you and your partner have strong differences around money?
    This is a tough issue, and it can take years to create a financial M.O. that both parties can live with.

    Here are some ways to start working as a team.

    1. Take heart. Different ways of handling money can lead to a stronger economic unit than two people who have similar vulnerabilities. Differences usually include different strengths. Forging an M.O. based on differing strengths can ultimately be more successful than two spendthrifts who get along well, as they sink financially.

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