was a DELL laptop stolen?

Submitted by Nancy aka money... on Wed, 10/10/2007 - 09:49.

Was a Dell laptop one of the ones that was stolen?  With an "iron maiden" (!) sticker on it (possibly added later)?   If so, I may have seen it a couple days ago .... this guy in Crabb Park (and note well:  I have a lot of compassion for the homeless/addicts, so don't want to reinforce any stereotypes here!!) was sitting in the little lodge-place on an office chair covered in plastic, using the electricity there (for concerts, usually)  doing a bunch of stuff on the laptop.   If he's just some poor guy between jobs, with his own computer, all the more power to him.  If it sounds like a laptop that disappeared from Workspace, I have some identifying details about the guy.

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