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Better Late Than Never?

Submitted by Diane Haynes on Wed, 01/10/2007 - 16:16.

I was in the mall in the summer (hey ... remember summer?), minding my own business and enjoying a coffee and a muffin in a cosy sit-down bakery, when a young woman and her friends sat down at the table next to me. As I took a bite of muffin, I caught sight of movement in my peripheral vision. Movement where there should have been no movement. Movement where a pendant necklace might hang, where a front-closure bra might close. With me?
I had to look. And there, between the chimichangas, was a chihuahua. A puppy, mind you, not full grown, but still .... I mean, doesn't anybody just keep handkerchiefs there any more?
Is it just me, or is anybody else worried about the number of "accessory dogs" that are going to end up in rescue shelters over the next while? And that's if they're lucky.
I wrote WHEN I'M 64 The Song of the Christmas Pet for the CBC website ...

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