WTB: Photography Light Kit and Tripod

Submitted by Kris Krug on Thu, 11/16/2006 - 16:20.

Hey there guys. I've been shooting different types of pics lately and I think I'd get a lot of benefit out of buying a tripod and light kit. Here's approx what I'm looking for...

lights: something with batteries. maybe 'monoheads'. i need the whole kit.. lights, stands, the battery, etc etc

tripod: something that will hold my heavy ass camera and lenses. doesn't need to be top of the line, but it would be nice if it was a) sturdy, and b) has a head that can be operated with one hand.

I don't know that much about this stuff so any advice or recommendations would be good, but really what I'm looking for is something selling mid-range used gear for cheap. Please point me in the right direction if you hear of anything or know anyone.

Submitted by Warwick Patterson on Thu, 11/16/2006 - 18:00.

Hey Kris -
Portable lighting is a hot topic and there are lots of variables - wattseconds, lumenseconds, idontunderstandseconds, etc.  To be honest, for as long as I've been shooting I haven't had the need to learn about all that stuff, but basically it just all boils down to how much power and light you need (and the duration of the light).  You can learn more here: http://photo.net/learn/studiolighting/

I've had great success with my set of 3 nikon flashes, using various modifiers as needed (snoots, umbrellas, softboxes, etc.).  They are easy and simple to control, and most important for my use - small and portable.   I use a series of PocketWizard radio slaves to fire them wirelessly. I've shot cars, people, and action with this setup - even a national newspaper ad for MINI!

If you are looking at some portable studio setup though, you may want to look at the following budget-minded (but still quality) brands.  You'll need the strobe heads plus portable power/battery packs.

AlienBees - popular, affordable, and dependable.
AlienBees Website

Lumedyne - seem to be another popular affordable choice, although I haven't used them.
Lumedyne Website

A lot of my fellow sports photographers use the Quantum Qflash system too. 
Quantum Qflash Website

There are lots more options (and lots of very expensive options!) but these will give you start.

For your fashion shots and stuff like that, you'll want to invest in some accessories like softboxes, umbrellas (perhaps), and buy or make some snoots for more directional spot lighting.

Let us know what you pick up!

Warwick Patterson
Formula Photographic

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