Canadian chocolatiers sued for price collusion. Seriously.

Submitted by Nancy aka money... on Tue, 02/19/2008 - 10:54.

Thank You, Aizik Ebert. If you haven't privately offered up a blessing on this Toronto man, you should. He's filed a class action lawsuit against and , and According to the National Post he is alleging senior execs of these companies conspired to "to fix, enhance and maintain the price of chocolate products in Canada". Mr. Ebert is representing all of us who purchased our chocolate fix from these companies in the past four years. All the more power to him - this money coach hopes we get paid out in cocoa, personally. ************ Econ 101 Lesson of the Day: Canada has a Competition Act. "Crimes include conspiracy, bid-rigging, discriminatory and predatory pricing, price maintenance, misleading advertising and deceptive marketing practices. These offences are prosecuted before criminal courts that may impose fines, order imprisonment, issue prohibition orders and interim injunctions, or any combination of these remedies."