Quest for a choco chalet

Submitted by Florian Gabriel on Fri, 04/20/2007 - 13:08.


“Man is only happy as he finds a work worth doing, and does it well” 

(E. M. Root

but why is it then that I am wrestling with a chocolate bar!

I love this chocolate. The Swiss Choco Chalet calls itself home of the best Swiss Chocolate and is probably right IN DOING SO. After all, isn't Switzerland the land of chocolate, honey, and cows that wear cow- bells bigger than their heads?  Swiss Choco Chalet  chocolate are /IS ONE of the finest chocolate products you CAN find in Switzerland. And I am the LUCKY ONE WHO GETS TO figure out how TO BRING IT TO Vancouver, Canada, sell it and have people INDULGE IN THIS  Swiss Chocolate experience. But wait a second!  Doesn’t that already exist? I see Swiss Chocolate wherever I look and among  them I find Belgium, Dutch, British and even American Chocolate.

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