Six Acres tonight!

Submitted by Kristin Evans on Tue, 11/28/2006 - 14:06.

We'll be resuming the Tuesday night beer tradition tonight at 8pm, at our favourite neighborhood watering hole, Six Acres.

We realize this cold snap and the resultant icy roads may prohibit some of us from making it this time. But for future reference, are there other days of the week that may work better for you than Tuesdays? Would an earlier meeting time make it easier for you to join us? Any suggestions or comments you have would be awesome, as we'd like to make the mixing, mingling and all-around good times as accessible to as many of you as possible.

We're also thinking about continuing with last Friday's impromptu "let's go for lunch" idea. That worked out fantastically (from what everyone told me...), and it would be great to have another weekly opportunity to meet up with fellow WorkSpacers. Thoughts?