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Florian Gabriel

I was born and raised in Lucerne, Switzerland. After Teacher Trainings College and five years of elementary school teaching I went to the Lucerne School of Business to get my commerce degree.
By the end of 2004 I started working as a project manager for Hapimag Switzerland, a timeshare company with over 60 Resorts all over Europe. Together with media-access, Stuttgart I was in charge of the new hapimag website. www.hapimag.com runs in five languages, contains over 800 html pages and uses an automated translation interface.

It seems that I still get attracted to the tourism industry. Go-West Camper International is one of my clients for Online Communications. Go-West rents and sells Motorhome and Trailers in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto.
Web resource: www.go-west.com

Currently I spend my time teaching Project Management and Digital Design at the Vancouver Film School. www.vfs.com

Building a Video Podcast Business for Corporate Communications  keeps me busy looking at Business Communications and Online Video Productions. Web resource: www.biz-pod.net

A side project on a sweet note is my small assignment for the Fort Langley Bakery. Promoting and developing business.


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