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Hello World

Submitted by Kris Krug on Tue, 06/13/2006 - 08:56.

Just got my Worspace account setup and this is my first blog post.

Hello world! :)


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More of ThisCityRocks

Submitted by Megan Cole on Thu, 06/08/2006 - 09:35.

If you haven't heard already, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN HIDING!? ThisCityRocks has launched and it's AWESOME! Warwick Patterson of Formula Photographic is the producer and editor extraordinaire, while I play host - all fun, all good times, and we KNOW this weekly online music magazine show has great potential.

Check it out now and each and every week for the WhoWhatWhereWhen of music buzz in Vancouver.

ThisCityRocks is Live!

Submitted by Warwick Patterson on Wed, 06/07/2006 - 16:28.

I've been spending a lot of time in the city lately (I live in Squamish), and thus I can't wait for Workspace to be done so I'll have a place to sit down and work instead of driving around trying to find free wifi! 

The reason I've been in the city lots lately is because of my new project -  I've been working with Megan Cole (from Raincity Studios) on a weekly video podcast about the Vancouver music scene.  We launched the first episode last Sunday, and are already hard at work shooting week 2, week 3, etc.  Check it out!

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The New Guy Says Hello

Submitted by Dane Brown on Wed, 06/07/2006 - 11:54.

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to introduce myself.  My name is Dane and I'm the new guy at WorkSpace.  I met Bill at a meetup a couple of months ago and when I heard about what he was doing here I was immediately excited.

When I saw that Bill wanted to hire someone to help out with the business I knew I had to throw my hat into the ring.  Fast forward a few weeks and here I am, the lucky one selected for the honor.

It looks like we've got a great little community coming together and I can't wait to meet all of you in person.  I'm crazy happy to be involved.  Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

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Creating Enhanced Podcasts on Windows?

Submitted by Todd Raine on Thu, 06/01/2006 - 19:29.

Since this blog is popping up on Google, I thought it was time to actually post something.

I am testing software that we can use to create enhanced podcasts of presentations.  My department (Emergency Medicine) wants to podcast and archive our Grand Rounds every few weeks, and we need to link the audio track to PowerPoint presentation slides.

Currently I use Garage Band and Quicktime to create the podcasts, but the staff are largely Windows users - so I am looking for a simple and cheap alternative.  Office NetMeeting and LiveMeeting seem like they might work, but the licence fees are insane (and we need to be legal so...)  I am also concerned about the portability of the end results.

So, any advice from the creative types out there? Let me know.

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Submitted by Bill MacEwen on Sat, 05/27/2006 - 21:58.

I've put aside some funds to build a library of books for you guys to use.  I'd love to get your feedback as to what sort of magazines, books, dvd's etc., should be included.  So I set up a wiki for everyone to add to.

Check it out here:
password: aworkspace

BlogSpace @ WorkSpace

Submitted by Megan Cole on Thu, 05/25/2006 - 20:17.

YES! Yet another outlet, yet another blog for this fresh, new blogger/vlogger gal soon-to-be-junkie.
On Raincity's The Standard, I naturally have to keep my writing somewhat clean and always hold a professional opinion from the studio's perspective.
China Access 2008 is another professionally-kept blog concerning the events and efforts surrounding business and the Olympics in China.
My personal blog is not even a year old, and was originally built for my family and close friends to track my life journeys. Seeing as my life has slowly become more and more public to the www, something I am coming around to with reluctant ease, I am trying to make it less directed towards the immediate family, and lean more towards, uhm, the world family? (Oh, I need to blog about that.)  megsjargon is the one in DESPERATE need of some lovin', as it is always the one that gets the least amount of attention... alas, at long last: A BlogSpace at WorkSpace to spew it all if I so choose. hell yeah. Merci Bill!

A doer

Submitted by Duncan Rawlinson on Fri, 05/19/2006 - 14:56.

I just wanted to give a huge shout out to Mr. Macewen for getting this whole project off the ground.  Bill and I used to share tiny little tables at coffee shops all over town just for the free wifi and the caffeine.  It would be loud, crowded and completely unproductive.

Paper DOSE Dies

Submitted by Warwick Patterson on Wed, 05/17/2006 - 23:50.

CanWest has canned the daily commuter paper, DOSE.  Hardly surprising.  In an age of expanding online communities, news sources, and citizen journalism, the launch of DOSE a year ago just seemed like really, really bad timing.  Turns out it was.

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Our Blogs!

Submitted by Bill MacEwen on Wed, 05/17/2006 - 21:32.

Welcome to the WorkSpace community section.  Our friends at raincity have done an awesome job creating this great collaboration medium.  Use this section to tell people about who you are and what you're up to, and if you've got any thoughts or ideas that you want to bounce around, this is the place to do it!

Happy Blogging,


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